All About Archer’s Pam & Amber Nash!

Written by Erika Moreno   // January 8, 2015

All About Archer’s Pam & Amber Nash!

Hey Archer Fans!

Welcome back to a new season of Archer and to kick things off right, we’re starting with one of the most enigmatic character voice actors, Amber Nash !

She’s done several interviews on what and how she feel about Pam in the last season, and what she hopes for in this upcoming season…

One such interview was done @ SD Comic Con, and Amber expresses her opinions about Pam’s transformation last season, and what she really feels like about Pam’s boobs.  You know you were thinking the same thing, how did they stay in tack, perhaps it was the cocaine?  Or Pam is just genetically gifted in that sense, either way, you can’t miss this hilarious interview!


In a recent Reddit interview Amber Nash gives us insight on where the voice came from, all her eating scenes, the dirty verbiage that we have all come to love, and why we should start using the term “sh*tcakes”!

How the voice came about…

I did read that the voice you use for Pam is the voice you use when you’re talking for your Mom with friends. Is that where you came up with her voice?

Nash: “Yeah, usually Adam [Reed ( ARCHER creator)] wants a pretty standard, just your voice stuff because a lot of times when you do a character voice it’s too hard to maintain it over the years and through session to session. Especially when you go on a break, especially after season one when we came back for season two, I thought ‘Oh God, what does she sound like?’ I felt like the farther in to season two you go, she sounds less like Pam. The first time I saw Pam’s head, what she looks like, it was just the voice that came out.”

How Jessica Walters (Malory Archer)  switched it up on us!

I also read that Jessica Walters once said “holy sh-tcakes” to you. Is that true?

Nash: “Yes she did! She was trying to talk to me about an episode and Pam and she said ‘holy sh-tcakes.’ I was like man, that’s hilarious. I think sh-tcakes is even funnier than sh-tsnacks.”

How have they not had her say that on the show at this point?

Nash: “I don’t know if I told Adam that story, because now we’ll have to be saying sh-tcakes.”

As for the clever and witty dialogue….

There are references on the show that send me to Wikipedia, like Judge Crater or Cyril on a tank with “Figgis” written in tape on his helmet. Are there references that you have to make that you don’t even get?

Nash: “It’s one of the magical things about Adam Reed. You mentioned earlier that the show is really lewd and it is, it’s a really dirty show, but it’s such a smart show. The show really earns the dirtiness because there are so many things that happen that you’re like, ‘What was that?’ At first, I was a little embarrassed there was stuff I didn’t know and I pretended that I know what this thing is. But then I’m like, oh, Adam is ridiculously smart with these crazy references and most people don’t get it so I’m okay with it. Most of the time, Pam doesn’t say things that are that deep cut so I don’t have to worry about it.

But one of the funniest things is that I always hear stories from Adam that there are things Jessica has to say that are mostly dirty sexual things and she has no idea what they are so they have to explain it to her.”

That has to be more uncomfortable than what she’s actually saying.

Nash: “Yeah, but she’s so cool that she just says ‘Oh, these weird kids.’”

What do y’all think?  To check out the full interview you can find it here !

With all the celebrity hacking scandals last year, it was only time until someone in Archer’s crew would get targeted, and they were!  Guess who!?!


Yes it is our favorite HR person!

To check out Pam’s latest hacking scandal… click here !

As Archer would say… “And that’s how you get Ants!”

Sometimes I think what would an episode , “A Day in the Life of Pam”, be like.  I would love it!  The episode where Pam is kidnapped when she’s mistaken for Cheryl is one of my all time favorites!  Can’t wait to see what’s in store for her this season!

Don’t forget to catch Archer Season 6 premiering tonight @ 10 p.m. on FX!



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