Archer 5×09 On The Carpet Promo Pics!

Written by Erika Moreno   // March 22, 2014

Archer 5×09 On The Carpet Promo Pics!

Finally it’s almost ARCHER time!! It looks like we are coming to a resolution for Archer ‘s ill advised self appointed mission  to  Colombia.  Maybe he should leave the planning to someone else who doesn’t have a one track mind? How much are me missing Lana on these missions? To rein Archer in and attempt to correct his errors in judgment? Who are we kidding he does it anyway?  This week,

Archer avoids crash landing in a dangerous swamp only to come face-to-face with a shady arms dealer

Shady arms dealer?  Are there any other kinds? As an added bonus there are 2 special guest star voices. Here are the first look pics of Monday’s upcoming episode, just enough to tease and entice for what’s to come!

On The Carpet Promo Pics

Just when it looks like the Archer and the Boys are about to be free and clear from the debacle of selling Malory’s Drugs another unexpected twist is upon them….

This sure does seem to be a good likeness of the guest voice actor, Christian Slater !!  He’s the Arms dealer that captures our Haphazard Trio.

Christian Slater, Archer, Cyril , Ray

Looks like the Arms Dealer has a bargaining chip…Former I.S.I.S. Spies, wonder what they’re worth, and will “Mother” pony up the cash or will she try to find some other solution? Blackmail, Fraud, Coercion none of which she has any problem employing when need be!

It Appears as if Malory is willing to finally  step in for Archer!  She must really miss him, because this is completely out of character for her!  But of course there must be some motivation behind her interest in dealing with the situation hands on.  She’s going to bring out the big guns and  handle negotiations on her terms in her finest garb!

Hopefully this means negotiations went well?  This looks like The South American Dictator, voiced by Fred Arminsen, that we have been anticipating for an upcoming episode arc with ! Wonder if he’s the person Malory uses to secure the boys’ freedom?

What was the price Malory had to pay to get them released? Or as she often claims .. will it be taken from Archer’s hide later?

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