Archer 5×09 On The Carpet Promo

Written by Erika Moreno   // March 19, 2014

Archer 5×09 On The Carpet Promo

As the saga continues, Archer , Cyril and Ray are trying to make their way home, but what to do with all the new drugs in the plane they hijacked?  Of course it just means more to sell, or in Pam’s case consume, but how do they get it across the border? And Malory and the gang are awaiting news of Archer at the Tunt Mansion… Not a bad place to wait!

Apparently they don’t make it home on the second try? The first being the raft fiasco… Crocodiles… enough said! Who knew Archer was right about gasoline being a repellant.. or was it dumb luck? So what happens, or do we already know its Archer, of course he’s flying by the seat of his pants as Ray pointed out…

Archer avoids crash landing in a dangerous swamp only to come face-to-face with a shady arms dealer.

Looks like Archer a.k.a “Randy” does make it home… but to what end? And by the look of the pic, is Malory essential in obtaining his freedom? Wonder what Mommie Dearest has to do….. Stay tuned for more updates as they’re available!!!!

On The Carpet Promo

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