Archer 5×10 Palace Intrigue Part 1 Promo Pics

Written by Erika Moreno   // March 30, 2014

Archer 5×10 Palace Intrigue Part 1 Promo Pics

They’re finally here!!! The new pics for Monday’s upcoming episode of Archer, the long awaited episode arc for all you Walking Dead Fans.  Since this isn’t her only episode, I wonder how she gets incorporated into further storylines?  She’s going to try to seduce Archer that much is clear, but does she help get him out of trouble, or does she keep getting him in deeper and deeper?

Archer and the rest of the ISIS gang are the guests of Gustavo Calderon (Fred Armisen) and his wife Juliana (Lauren Cohan). Calderon is a big fan of Charlene but Juliana is a bigger fan of Archer.

Palace Intrigue Part 1 Promo Pics!

By the look of things Cherlene is going to be a big hit with Calderon, and perhaps by bringing her along, Malory can make a deal for the guns that will be a benefit to everyone! Who are we kidding? Its going to mostly benefit her!  Question is why is Pam in the Arms Crate?

Why does Archer look so hesitant? He’s used to chasing after every beautiful woman, perhaps she is Gustavo Calderon’s wife? And he won’t take kindly to the arms deal if Archer messes with his wife?

Could Krieger and Pam have gotten together? Is that why he’s in a towel, and Pam in a robe? The ramifications of this are mind boggling!! By the look on Cherlene’s face she’s probably assuming the same!

Looks Like Krieger finds out a crucial bit of information!!!! Maybe something he sees or happens in front of him causes that reaction? Or did someone take his Hologram Fiance?

Krieger gets Captured!! But who does it and why? Are they after his scientific genius? Or did he stumble upon something he shouldn’t have?

Julianna seems to be waiting for Archer to .. “ahem” service her… maybe that’s why he’s drinking because he knows he’s stuck between a rock and a hard place?  Give in to his baser instincts, or try and salvage the Arms Deal?

Gustavo has someone cornered!! Did he find out about Julianna’s penchant for Archer, and did he take matters into his own hands?  Or is he about to double cross Malory for the arms?  He better watch out! She’s not one to taking something like that lying down!

Don’t forget to catch Archer on the FX Network on Mondays @ 10 pm!!!


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