Archer 5×11 Palace Intrigue Part 2 Promo!!

Written by Erika Moreno   // April 2, 2014

Archer 5×11 Palace Intrigue Part 2 Promo

Sooo quick recap.. Krieger Klones?!??!? Calderon buying a million Cherlene Albums? And Lana’s sudden interest in Archer changing about random partners..  So many questions to be asked about all of them.

Krieger Klones, sounds better than clones, right? What were they making, and why did they hide, and most importantly HOW did they come about?!!?

We knew Calderon was a fan from the promo , but that much so?  Can we say obsession? And what will that obsession do to the team?

The question that was on my mind, why does Lana suddenly care if Archer changes?  My guess is that perhaps as she’s nearing the end of her pregnancy she’s about to disclose the truth about her baby?  Maybe Archer is the father and she’s want to think he’s more responsible to be able to handle the news? Too many questions!!!

And now on to Palace Intrigue Part 2…

So we know Archer did the deed with in disguise, how far will he go to cover the fact up?  When will it blow  up in his face, as it normally always does?  What will happen with the revolution? How will they save Krieger?  5 days to the new Archer Episode!

Palace Intrigue Part 2 Promo

Don’t forget to catch Archer on the FX Network on Mondays @ 10 pm!!


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