Archer 6×02 Three to Tango Promo Clip!

Written by Erika Moreno   // January 15, 2015

Aisha Tyler, Lana Kane, Coby Bell, Conway Stern, Archer, H. Jon Benjamin Archer 6×02 Three to Tango Promo Clip!

Hey Archer Fans

Its that time again, Archer Time!!  This week’s episodes finds Archer coming face to face with an old nemesis.  No not Barry, someone from Season 1, who quite possibly had *cough* *cough* a “special weekend” with Malory.  Yes, Conway Stern! (Coby Bell)  If that’s his real name, who’s to say?  As we can all tell it’s most likely going to be a disaster of ginormous proportions, which means it’s going to be a great episode!

Three to Tango?

It’s discovered that Conway Stern’s cover has been blown, and The gang, (do we have a new agency name yet?) is going to go in and rescue him. Which is probably just Lana, and Sterling.

Looks like Sterling is having a not so positive reaction to his mission…  Then again when does he ever have a good reaction to any mission?  Unless that includes, booze, and or hookers?  Perhaps a trip to whore island?

Aisha Tyler, Lana Kane, Archer, H. Jon Benjamin, Christian Slater, Slater

Once it’s revealed that he’s rescuing Conway Stern… well…. see for yourself!  Those don’t look like the eyes of a sane person.  Then again… well you know…

Archer, H. Jon Benjamin

Lana Trying to be the voice of reason?  Considering it is Archer, one could only hope to cross their fingers and hope for the best!!!

Aisha Tyler, Lana Kane, Archer, H. Jon Benjamin

Finally Settling old scores?  Seems like the guys have a few things to say, and any and all things will become weapons in this little discussion!  Fist, towels, a fruit bowl?  Who do you think will win?

Coby Bell, Conway Stern, Archer, H. Jon Benjamin

Conway Stern, Coby Bell, Sterling Archer, H. Jon Benjamin

Coby Bell, Conway Stern, H. Jon Benjamin

 Archer, H. Jon Benjamin

Will there really be a winner and a loser in this scenario?  Probably not, but it just makes the Dangerzone all that much hilarious!

Wonder what is going on with the rest of the crew back home… is Krieger really Krieger?  What is Cheryl going to do when she finds out Conway is the mission, will Cristal come back? Paaaaam!!! Anything she does is great!

Finally what you’ve been waiting for!

6×02 Three To Tango Promo Clip!

What do you think everybody?  Going to be an awesome episode?  I think so!  Full of  lots of male aggression and showing off.  Time to see who’s truly the big dog!  Just don’t ask Cheryl to verify!

Don’t forget to catch Archer on FX, Thursdays @ 10 pm!!



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