Archer 6×04 Edie’s Wedding Promo Clip

Written by Erika Moreno   // January 29, 2015

Edie, Archer Archer 6×04 Edie’s Wedding Promo Clip

Hey Archer fans!

Are you all ready to meet the infamous Edie Poovey?  Well this episode deals exclusively with her wedding, and all the fun that that will entail!

Tonight (Thursday, January 29, 2015) at 10pm ET/PT, FX premieres the “Edie’s Wedding” episode of ARCHER . FARGO star Allison Tolman lend her voice to animated Edie Poovey, Pam’s bullying big sister. Even on the day before her wedding, Edie can’t resist teasing and tormenting Pam. Can Pam and Edie put aside their differences long enough to stop a crazed cyborg and still make it to Edie’s rehearsal dinner on time?

I am soo excited for this upcoming episode!  Every time there is a Pam-centric episode, it never fails to please.  My all time favorite episode so far is “El Secuestro”  remember that one?  When would be kidnappers mistake Pam for Cheryl, and take her instead?

Well now we’re going to meet the much talked about Edie, remember the long ago commentary about her giving birth in the barn?  Well, can’t wait to meet her!

Who could possibly voice such an infamous character, well a great actress by the name of Alison Tolman!  You might remember her from another little FX show by the name of Fargo!  In an interview to E! Alison gives you some insight onto Edie!

I need to know more about Alison Tolman on Archer . Please?
Did you love her on Fargo as much as we did? Then you’re going to love her on Archer even more, guaranteed. “I play a very different version of my Fargo character,” Tolman says. “She’s a terrible person. Just absolutely terrible, but Molly was pretty great. I got to go and play around in a voice-over booth for a day, which was so much fun. I can’t wait to see how it turned out. I play Pam’s sister Edie who we have heard about throughout the series but we’ve never met her. She’s just been built up in our minds as this monster. She certainly delivers!”

Barry, Archer

Another surprise on the horizon is the return of Barry!!  Ya’ll remember Barry right?  Here’s a little refresher for all you who don’t remember the half cyborg nemesis of Archer…  Not the biggest fan, you know considering he sacrificed Barry on numerous occasions,  to the enemy, in outer space.. So its going to be fun!  How does he factor into the wedding?

6×04 Edie’s Wedding Promo Clip!!

So what do you all think? Can’t wait to see Edie what looks like getting kidnapped?  Is Archer her rescuer, or is there a reason she’s still bound in the back of the speeding car that he’s driving.

Alison Tolman, Edie, H. Jon Benajmin, Archer

What about Barry’s return?  Excited to see what fresh hell he’s readying to unleash on Archer?  Yeah me too!

Don’t forget to catch Archer on Thursday on FX, @ 10 pm!!



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