Archer 6×10 Reignition Sequence Promo & Pics!

Written by Erika Moreno   // March 12, 2015

Sterling, H. Jon Benjamin, Lana Kane, Aisha Tyler Archer 6×10 Reignition Sequence Promo & Pics!

Hey Archer Fans!

It looks like Archer and Lana are together, and not everyone is happy at this newest development.

As we saw in the last couple of weeks, Lana and Archer have been bonding over AJ, and their attraction to one another was getting closer and closer.  Until last weeks episode when jealousy that the other was going to go after someone else was the final push for them to get back together.

Only one person was completely opposed to the idea…. Cyril.  He wants Lana back in the worst way, and is inadvertent suggestions that one should do this or that, made them try to one up each other until they finally took the next step.  Banging in the bathroom!

Didn’t see that one coming did ya?

So this week, it looks like the happy couple are spreading the love around the office, and the gang, aren’t exactly thrilled about it.

Archer, H. Jon Benjamin, Lana Kane, Aisha Tyler

Sterling, H. Jon Benjamin, Lana Kane, Aisha Tyler

What’s “Archer” without a twist?  Well Katya is back on the scene.  We all know how into her Archer was, he was going to marry her, when she was all real, and even when she was a cyborg!  Tried to get her back by leaving Barry on the space station and so on..  So, what will her coming back do to the happy couple?  Nothing good I’m sure!


Since Krieger’s van broke down on the way to bowling, I’m guessing he needed an overhaul… Interesting choice!  Can anyone translate Frohlich Eiscreme?  or is that just say Ice Cream in German?  Creepyyyyy is not even the word, however not too far fetched when it comes to Krieger!

Lucky Yates, Krieger

Perhaps its his new tech mobile unit, with Ice Cream!  Wonder why the gang is holed up in there.

Archer Cast

Of course there’s nothing illegal going on.. why would there be?!?!

Cheryl Tunt, Judy Greer

Were they tracking Lana and Archer?  And did she pull a gun on them?

Archer Cast

Hopefully this goes well!

Sterling, H. Jon Benjamin, Lana Kane, Aisha Tyler

Check out the promo down below!

6×10 ReignitionSequence!

What do you think?  How’s it going to end? Will Katya come between them again!?!?!  Or is she undercover?!

Can’t wait to find out!

Check back for more Archer News, Spoilers and Promos!

Don’t forget to catch Archer on FX, Thursdays @ 10 pm!



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