Archer 6×11 Achub y Morfilod Promos & Pics!

Written by Erika Moreno   // March 19, 2015

H. Jon Benjamin, Sterling, Aisha Tyler, Lana Kane, Bardsley, Justin Edwards Archer 6×11 Achub y Morfilod Promos & Pics!

Hey Archer Fans!

Looks like this weeks episode of Archer is going to the Whales so to speak!!

Archer and Lana travel to Wales for a romantic getaway of aiding separatists, although from the promo it looks like Lana goes along unconsciously.

The title of this weeks episode is translated from Welsh,  Save the Whales!  Loving the double entendre Adam!  Play on words and perhaps environmental separatists?   Hmmm we shall see!

Joining the cast for this episode is Matthew Rhys as the voice of Lloyd Llewellyn.  Matthew has an extensive list of credits in movies and TV.  As of late he is currently one of the stars of FX’s “The Americans”.  In which he takes on the role of a spy for the KGB sent to U.S. in  the 80’s.

Can’t wait to see how his character gets screwed over by Archer, because we all know that’s what going to end up happening. The jokes will be monumental, and I can’t wait for the great one liners!

Matthew Rhys, Lloyd Llewellyn

Archer 6×11 Achub y Morfilod Promos & Pics!

Archer and Lana Headed  out on an adventure!  From the promo it looks like she’s just waking up from Archer Drugging her.. She does not look happy!

The Bloody and scratched face.. courtesy of Lana, probably.  Do you doubt it?  Did someone just crash their romantic weekend?

H. Jon Benjamin, Sterling, Aisha Tyler, Lana Kane


Looks like someone’s in surgery???!  I would be very worried if I was looking up and saw these four.  How many of ya’ll think it’s Ray they’re working on?  As if losing most of his skeletal structure, and robotics infused into him by Krieger and Pam wasn’t enough… Perhaps they are “fixing” his right arm?

Cyril Figgis, Chris Parnell, Dr Krieger, Lucky Yates, Cheryl Tunt, Judy Greer, Pam Poovey, Amber Nash

What’s the Plan!?!

H. Jon Benjamin, Sterling, Daffyd, Jason Hughes, Lana Kane, Aisha Tyler, Matthew Rhys, Lloyd Llewellyn

Is it just me, or does Sterling look like a younger version of Ron Cadillac?

H. Jon Benjamin, Sterling, Lana Kane, Aisha Tyler, Bardsley, Justin

Undercover in the Closet?  Hmm… Too many jokes!!

H. Jon Benjamin, Archer, Daffyd, Jason Hughes

Bonus Clip!!

So what do you all think?  Ready for the next Archer??!?!

Don’t forget to check back for more Promos, Pics & Spoilers!!

Catch Archer on FX, Thursdays @ 10 pm!!



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