Archer – Full Recap of 5×12 Filibuster

Written by Erika Moreno   // April 16, 2014

Archer Archer – Full Recap of 5×12 Filibuster

As the saga of Archer Vice continues, we find several unexpected revelations! But then again this is Archer so after 3 plus seasons, we should be ready for the unexpected! We start off with Archer behind bars, and Lana bringing him some food in a paper bag. How much do you bet she’s loving seeing him down there? After all the torture he’s inflicted on her maybe more than a small part is relishing it. Unless she has a reason why that’s not such a good thing.. ahem.. baby’s father, maybe? After much whining, by Archer, Lana tells him he in reality has been in the cell for 3 weeks, not the years he is trying to infer. He has a bad sense of time! Archer being Archer of course makes the unfortunate crack about Lana ‘s hands which in turn earns him a well deserved head slam into the prison doors. Scene pans and we see then that Archer isn’t alone in the dungeon. He has two companions in separate cells, Gustavo and Julianna! So how did Archer get put behind bars if the dictator is there as well? We come to find out Cyril is now in command!!! I’m guessing he loved having the power after he was at the control of the tank as we saw in the last episode. Apparently we learn through Lana that he is a master tactician.. an expert at the game of “War”? Lana also tells Julianna to head upstairs as she is being summoned by Cyril. Taking a page from Gustavo’s book, he “marries” Julianna with the I.S.I.S. gang in attendance to which Malory comments, It’s the second worse wedding she’s ever been to. Which begs the question, which was the first? Her own, or one we’ve never seen? What happened to Krieger you ask? Well he was being held by the Krieger Klones against his will to help assemble a Biological Weapon, that is being prepped to be launched. As to the destination he is not privy to that information. To distinguish himself from the other clones, he wears a bowtie while the other wear a necktie.. this important feature comes into play alittle later… Krieger Klones Krieger decides to stand his ground and there is a rebellion. Him vs the other 3. The Bomb is activate d, Bullets and Bodies fly, and after all is said in done, 4 bodies lie in crumpled bloody heaps at the base of the launch tower. Meanwhile back at the palace, Cyril is enjoying his “wedding” and Cherlene wanting attention, gets on Cyril’s nerves by her demands, gets sent down to the dungeon. Finally Archer decides to take action and he Cherlene , and Gustavo escape. Determined to join the rebellion they use a tip they get to head to the airport where the resistance have set up camp. They steal one of Gustavo’s extremely quarter of a million dollar cars, and make a break for it! Of course Cherlene would notice they were passing by the zoo. And Archer with his penchant for deadly impractical feline cats decides why not take a tiger with them? Before Archer can stop Cherlene, she opens the security gate to the tiger cage, and “Shane” (as he is named by Cherlene) escapes! He lunges at Gustavo and drags his body into the brush. The Gore!!! Same kind of, whoa! that did not just happen, bloodshed as the Alligator scene a couple of weeks ago. Somehow Archer and Cherlene make it to the airport and are captured, taken to the head of the resistance discover the masterminds are Agent Hawley and Slater the gun runner! As it turns out they aren’t who they said they were, they work for the C.I.A.! Back at the Palace everyone is fed up with Cyril, Krieger finds them and tells them of the plot of the biological weapon, and how it needs to be disarmed A.S.A.P. We see him wearing a tie… hmmm is he the original-ish Krieger or one of the clones? Ray tries to diffuse the bomb, it can’t be done in the short amount of time. Lana tells Cyril to get get over himself, and tells him it’s Archer time! The gang goes down to the dungeon where they discover Archer has escaped! Lana goes in pursuit of him, and finds at the airport, per Cherlene’s note taped on the cell door! Lana is captured, brought to the Agent Hawley and Slater and begins to explain the situation to Archer when she stops… Her water breaks! Baby Time!!!

For the next episode of Archer…

The blessed event is about to happen, where will the baby be born?!?! Who’s the real father? Is the Krieger with the gang, the original or a clone? Will they be able to stop the bomb? One last episode to go to get the questions answered!!! AUGGGGGGH!!! Don’t forget to catch Archer on the FX Network on Mondays @ 10 pm!!



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