Archer – What’s up for Next Season?

Written by Erika Moreno   // April 25, 2014

Archer Archer – What’s up for Next Season?

So now that we’ve had the explosive Season  Finale, what’s up next for Archer ? Well!

In an interview with Matt Thompson, Executive Producer of Archer , done by Zap2it writer Andrea Reiher , we get some tidbits of what to look forward to next season.  Also in the interview were some answered questions about this past season!

Here are some excerpts from the interview!

So will it be back to business as usual at ISIS? What can you tell us about Season 6?
It’ll be business as usual-ish. The CIA is going to be involved now. ISIS is not going to become the CIA, but we are going to be sub-contractors for them. I believe the Christian Slater character and Agent Holly [Gary Cole] are going to be back. They’re not going to become main-main characters, but we do sub-contract out for the CIA, so you’re going to see that, us going and doing some of the dirty work for the CIA.

Right now, we want to get back to big spy missions and dealing with the moral ambiguity that is doing s***ty stuff for the CIA, as well as wanting them to get back on the winning side here and there. Not the winning side morally, but as opposed to in Season 5 how every coke deal went wrong.

When it comes to how they will deal with Abbijean….

Will Season 6 also explore how the baby changes Lana and Archer’s lives?
That is one of the big things that we are going to bring into next season on the show. What you can’t do is go full-on “Three Men and a Baby.” There are episodes where you will see what it’s like for him to be a spy and a father, and that goes for Lana as well, but at the same time, you can’t let it just take over everything.

There will also be a return of two significant characters…

I do know one thing we’re doing to do with kind of a forgotten character of ours — the wee baby Seamus and his prostitute mom, Trinette. You’re going to see more of Seamus around. He’s going to be approximately four years old now and you’re going to see that relationship come into play as we get this four-month, six-month, eight-month-old Abbiejean.

Krieger Klones

As for the other burning question about the Krieger Klone… yay or nay?

Is there anything else you wanted to mention that we didn’t ask you about?
The Krieger clone thing. I do not specifically know if Krieger is dead and if Krieger’s clone is the one alive. I don’t know. Adam personally told Lucky Yates, the actor, which person survived, but he hasn’t told me or producer Casey Willis. Adam and Lucky know who’s alive, no one else does.

You can find the full interview here !

Happy New Year!!!

Don’t forget to tune in next season on the FX Network to see the developements in the world of Archer !!



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