Getting to Know The Real Sterling Archer!

Written by Erika Moreno   // February 5, 2014

Sterling Archer

Getting to Know The Real Sterling Archer!

Getting to Know The Real Sterling Archer!

Who is Archer ?  He can go by many disguises, and names, but first and foremost he is Sterling Mallory Archer , the suave super spy that was I.S.I.S.’s (International Secret Intelligence Service) main go to guy.  Second of note is that he is a ladies man, to say the least.  When he’s not trying to hook up with his ex-girlfriend and fellow agent Lana Kane, any flight attendant, call girl, secretary, human resources head, waitress, russian agent cyborg will do.  And of course his penchant for fast vehicles, booze, and other assorted recreational vices, are just the tip of the iceberg on what made him into who he is.  From the beginning  he had to contend with having  Malory Archer with the questionable ethics, and deceptiveness as his moral guide.  Not knowing the identity of who is father really is, has kept their relationship tempestuous at best. Not to mention having the stigma of having his mother’s name as his middle name, can we say issues?    Along with the help of lowly manservant Woodhouse to cater to his every whim, and every outrageous demand, is it any wonder he’s been shaped into a spy with  so many unconventional idiosyncrasies?  The fact that he doesn’t care if others think he’s selfish, self centered, and still acts like a frat boy with no boundaries, is surprisingly charming in a twisted sort of way.

This season he finds himself without a luxury apartment and job, so what’s a guy to do but move into the rich Cheryl Tunt’s mansion?  Strictly platonic of course! Along with his manservant, and other fellow I.S.I.S co workers! He might just find the time to play with Babou, Cheryl’s wily ocelot!  In a dream he visualizes how his life will take on a Miami Vice type of existence for the following months.  How odd that its quite the opposite of that premise, because they will be the drug traffickers… NOT!!!  How will he cope with Lana’s pregnancy, who will be her temporary replacement? Only time will tell!!!

The Man Behind the Voice of Archer

And now to the H. John Benjamin the counterpart of the dashing spy ….

H. John Benjamin is best known for his voice roles in shows such as Dr. Katz, Lucy Daughter of the Devil, Home Movies, Archer and Bob’s Burger’s, in  addition to a talking can of vegetables in the film Wet Hot American Summer.

His comedy career began at age twenty-four in Boston where he was in comedy club duo with Sam Seder, then became a member of Cross Comedy, a team led by David Cross.  For approximately the first seven years of his career, Benjamin almost exclusively worked in groups rather than independently.  Afterwards, his independent work remained more experimental, rejecting traditional styles of stand-up comedy.

For another example of ideas and notions on his Archer character check out a discussion he held on reddit last month.  He most definitely brings this superspy to life, with his deadpanned deliveries, and comedic timing making Archer a guilty pleasure!

You can Catch Archer on the FX Network on Mondays @ 10pm


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