Written by Erika Moreno   // February 7, 2014


Lauren Cohan of Walking Dead Fame Set To Guest Voice on Archer

Walking Dead Star on Archer!

Attention Walking Dead Fans you now get to hear one of your favorite stars voice a character for a multi-episode arc on Archer !! Lauren Cohan just recently finished voicing the character of Juliana Calderon who is a young wealthy european socialite.  Her character is married to an American Dictator type who is voiced by Fred Arminsen of SNL fame. Things go array because she has a hankering for a super spy we all know and love, Archer !

“My character is amazing,” Cohan told EW . “She’s basically like a wealthy corrupt President’s wife who is vaguely European.”

Her episodes will begin airing on March 31st!!

Make sure to catch Archer on the FX Network on Mondays @ 10 pm!!


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